Joanna Kennedy

"I feel a deep calling in my soul... to inspire passion, unity and bliss in life and love ... to be an expression of the fully embodied feminine in her beauty, her sensuality, her sexuality, her power and her grace... to inspire, honor, and celebrate the awakened masculine in his deep presence, his penetrative power, his intense sexuality, and deep consciousness... to be a messenger for awakened sexuality."

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Let's End the Famine!

Best-selling author and TV host, Dr. Oz... says, "As a nation, we are in a sexual famine. Simply put, not enough people are getting down on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis."  He reminds us, “We’re not having sex anymore, and we’re not doing things that bring us vitality and joy of life."  It's time... 


Fall in Love Over and Over... in a Relationship where

the Love Runs Deep... and the Sex stays Hot!


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You're About to Learn What Most People Will Never Realize about How to Have a Life Filled with Passion & Love. 

You are invited to stand powerfully and confidently in life and then unite with another in … intimacy, love, and ecstasy.



Here’s to having a healthy, hot and happy relationship where you create deeper, more intimate connection, 
and enjoy more amazing sex right now.  


In love, light, and ecstasy,

Joanna Kennedy
Passion & Intimacy Expert